Engagement strengthens the region

Social responsibility is a lot more than just a “good cause”. By supporting clubs, initiatives and organisations around each of our company sites, we contribute to ensuring that the region remains a good place to live. We want families to feel happy here, which also means the location remains attractive for jobholders and trainees.

For this reason, we have gladly provided personal and financial support for sports clubs, voluntary fire departments and local traditions for many years. We also work actively for refugee aid, school social work and culture promotion, as these are a matter of heart.

We support regional events like the annual horse show Balve Optimum and youth sporting programmes. By the founding of the “e.holding football school” in cooperation with the Hönnequellschule in Neuenrade, children and young people get involved in sports independently of the organisation of clubs.

Furthermore, we intensively collaborate with the Hönnequellschule and the Balve Realschule. We offer technology workshops, site visits, internships and career days.