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DST provides agitators with permanent magnetic couplings.

Work securely with permanent magnetic couplings by DST

A large fire has left one dead, others injured and caused millions of euros worth of damage. This accident was triggered by a mechanical seal overheating due to lack of lubrication and igniting an explosive mixture in a mixing vat. This was reported by local media. By using a DST permanent magnetic coupling, such a catastrophe could have been avoided.

This is because these provide for a hermetic seal and non-contact transmission of torque, preventing both frictional heat from occurring and substances from leaking and, in the worst case scenario, catching fire. DST permanent magnetic couplings are, in addition, certified in accordance with the European Union's ATEX guidelines for the prevention of explosions.  These are of particular relevance for, among others, the chemical industry, the food industry, biotechnology, compressors, metrology and dosing technology, as well as hydraulics and petrochemicals.

Further information on permanent magnetic couplings can be found in the DST catalogue.