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The NeoMag® saves up to 30 percent energy

The NeoMag® saves up to 30 percent energy

The Echterhage Holding presents a new pump: the NeoMag®. The new high-performance, energy saving, magnetically coupled centrifugal pump made from stainless steel can be applied universally. Furthermore, customers can save up to 30 percent energy in comparison with conventional models.

Among others, the new generation of intelligent pumps is of interest for the following fields:
•    Chemical industry (aggressive, partly toxic media)
•    General process engineering (provision, tempering)
•    General industry applications (forwarding water-like media and oils)
•    Pharmaceutical industry (supply media)
•    Bioengineering (supply media)
•    Food industry (supply media)
•    Petrol chemistry (secondary processing)

The pump impeller and housing component parts of the NeoMag® have been developed and constructed according to the newest findings in regard to fluid mechanics and hydraulics in 3D-CAD. The compact slide bearings made from silicone carbide (SSIC) are designed for a service life up to 45,000 operating hours – when used as intended.

A permanent magnetic coupling with the new magnet configuration, especially designed for use in the NeoMag®, is suitable for media temperatures of up to 150°C. On request magnetic placement for uses up to 350°C is also possible.  

The BOROHARDCAN®, a containment shell made from borosilicate glass, is a patented new development from DST, with which the NeoMag® is pushing forward into a new economic and energy-saving dimension. Warmth is not developed with current losses. The BOROHARDCAN® is therefore an especially economic solution for magnetic coupled standard-centrifugal pumps.

The NeoMag® is a single-level, non self-priming centrifugal pump in block construction. This makes it very easy to set up. The flange connections are executed according to DIN 2543, the housing dimensions as well as the hydraulic data are laid out according to ISO 2858 and DIN EN 733. The hydraulic performance data for the most part surpasses the standard requirements.

The NeoMag® is available in compression stages PN10 and PN16 for a flow rate up to 60m³/h and a flow head of up to 60m. In the future the series will be supplemented with smaller sizes on the first bearing bracket.

By using current, energy-efficient motors (IE2) the NeoMag® pump unit achieves energy-savings of up to 11 percent compared to conventional driver solutions.  

When comparing normal magnetic centrifugal pumps with conventional magnetic drives with the new NeoMag® pump, with a flow rate of 60 m³/h and a flow head of 60 m, a power savings of up to 3,5 kW can be achieved, when using the DST patented BOROHARDCAN® containment shell. The energy savings of a pump with an energy demand of 18,5 kW, which operates around the clock for the whole year, is at 30660 kWh or rather with a price of 0,10€/kWh at 3066 Euros, due to the improved magnetic coupling. An additional 14454 kWh and therefore 1445.40 Euros can be saved with the IE2 motor.

At an average market price for magnetic coupling pump units the NeoMag® has been completely amortised after about 2.5 years.

By using the new patented permanent magnetic coupling with the BOROHARDCAN® containment shell and the advanced SSIC slide bearings one can expect a maintenance-free operating life of circa five years with the NeoMag®.

A centrifugal pump with double acting mechanical seal and the NeoMag® are both at about the same price level. However, the customer saves up to 30 percent energy with the NeoMag® pump, an additional 11 percent by using the IE2 motor and can expect an operating life of five years with five to ten maintenance intervals for the mechanical seal.