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New plasma cutting line for the steel tank production

A new plasma cutting line from the Messer company has now gone into operation in the HBE steel tank production. From the point of view of the Managing Director, Detlef Lengelsen, the large investment is an important component for the increase of productivity and quality and thus also for the securing of the economic future in Neuenrade.

Using the Messer Multitherm 4000 plasma thermal cutting machine up to 80 millimetres thick plates made from stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium with a maximum size of three times four metres can be cut. Here, even the smallest drillings with a diameter 1.5 times the plate thickness can be finished without the otherwise usual combustion flash and the dressing associated with this. The new CNC controlled high-tech equipment thus contributes to the increase in efficiency in the operating procedures and to significant increase in quality. The name Messer after all stands for excellent cutting technology.

HBE employees have been trained in the run-up for employment on the facility. Many existing drawing files can be taken over automatically. For HBE the acquisition of the plasma cutting line was the largest investment in the past decade.