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Holding companies exhibited technologies at ACHEMA 2018

At this year’s ACHEMA, the World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries in Frankfurt, the Holding companies VSE, DST and Beinlich presented its strong and safe products. Visitors could inform themselves about magnetic couplings, conversion kits, agitator drives, canisters, flow measurement technology and pumps. Due to a great number of visitors at the booth and numerous and professional conversations, the summary for the fair is more than positive.

Especially in the chemical industry it is of particular importance to use safe and environmentally compatible components. For a contactless and leakagefree torque transmission in pumps and agitator drives, DST permanent magnetic couplings offer a reliable alternative to conventional dynamic seals. Besides the standard ranges and more than 1000 magnet configurations, further customer-specific solutions are also available.

Moreover, DST exhibited its canisters with no eddy current losses. DST canisters can be applied even at high temperatures and pressures, along with an outstanding chemical resistance.

DST agitator drives were also presented at ACHEMA. The agitator drives made from stainless steel 1.4435/1.4404 are available as overhead drives for 0.1 up to 10,000 Nm and as bottom mounted drives for 0.3 up to 1,000 Nm.

VSE exhibited its new preamplifier VSI and the high temperature version of the helical screw flow meter RS.

With the new high temperature pick up system the flow meters can also be applied under the most difficult conditions. Materials of highest quality like ceramic and hermetically sealed connectors are solely used to allow a safe application, e.g. in climatic exposure test cabinets. The module is suitable for a temperature range of -40°C up to +210°C and can be used in all sizes available of the RS series in cast iron or stainless steel. If necessary, the high temperature pick up system can also be retrofitted.

With the modification of the VSI preamplifier more constant and vibration free measurements can be achieved. A switchable A/B-90° offset allows for a direction reversal during commissioning. A separate direction signal additionally provides information for e.g. single-channel evaluations. With the LED status display information can be monitored and read easily and quickly. Besides, the interpolation factor has been increased by two IPF factors (24 and 32). Due to the interchangeable system, existing systems can be easily retrofitted or extended and standardised. An integrated embedded system enables more flexibility, so customised solutions are also quickly feasible.

Beinlich presented a selection of its stainless steel pumps. A definite advantage with stainless steel pumps is the possibility to combine many different material pairings. Some types of the pump can be heated with hot steam, heat transfer oil or electricity, or can be cooled with other media, if necessary.

By application of a magnetic coupling of our affiliated company DST Dauermagnet-SystemTechnik, the pumps get a trouble- and leakage-free sealing system and therefore fulfill the high demands of many chemical applications.

A further advantage is the possibility to mount a flow meter directly to the pump.