VSE Flow measurement technology

High-precision flow measurement technology for all pumpable media
As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of flow measurement technology, VSE produces precise flow meters. The high-tech products deliver highly accurate measurement results for virtually all pumpable media. VSE flow meters work reliably and safely for conveying applications, whether for water or high-viscosity adhesive media containing fillers. The customer can select from various materials such as titanium or bronze to find the right solution for the particular application. The VSE product range is rounded off with corresponding evaluation electronics and a comprehensive selection of accessories. VSE also develops custom solutions for individual customer orders.

Precision, drop by drop – With pinpoint accuracy
Our application expertise and our wide range of different flow meters will ensure that your product is perfectly matched to your needs. To do this, we can make use of modular systems that are adapted by means of technical specifications to each individual order. This allows us to fulfil orders reliably in a short time frame. The majority of our output is tailored to customer requirements, thereby putting the handcraft back into industry. VSE won’t sell you sensors “off the shelf” – precise craftmanship is at the heart of our work. Each gearwheel and each electronic unit is fitted precisely by our employees. With our comprehensive service offering, we are always on hand to advise the customer well after delivery.


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