Our companies

With five production companies, Echterhage Holding is one of the world's leading specialists in fluid technology. A global distribution and service network with five own subsidiaries enables us to offer a global service. Also part of the group are the industrial and residential construction company ECO.PLAN and the advertising agency plakart.

Fluid technology manufacturers

At the three locations of Neuenrade, Gevelsberg and Cantello (Italy), we develop and produce technically advanced products. Our developments have multiple applications, primarily in processing plants, hydraulics and dosing systems and in areas that require high-precision monitoring and measurement technology.

Subsidiaries worldwide

With our worldwide distribution network of long-standing cooperation partners as well as our own subsidiaries in France and UK, the USA, China and India, we ensure the sales of our products and the competent technical support in all important industrialised countries is secured. Our employees and partners are continuously trained to maintain our high quality standards. A list of our worldwide distribution partners can be found on the websites of HBE, VSE, DST and Beinlich.

Industrial and residential construction

From the planning and general construction of industrial and residential projects to the realisation of business complexes and the development of entire construction sites, ECO.PLAN is your partner for building projects with a unique architecture and perfect functionality.

Advertising agency

Successful advertising concepts with passion and focus – this has been the strength of the plakart agency for over 25 years. From office equipment to websites and corporate design, creative employees ensure imaginative marketing campaigns.


In our two restaurants KARL and IKARUS, the culinary teams come up with ingenious creations. In a great atmosphere some unusual combinations create an exciting taste experience. Whether Mediterranean cuisine or a reinterpretation of classic dishes – the KARL and IKARUS restaurants invite guests to tarry a while and simply enjoy.