Oleotec pressure monitoring

Oleotec has been synonymous with reliable and safe pressure measurement in hydraulic systems for more than 40 years. The company distributes a comprehensive range of check couplings, hydraulic hoses and manometers under the name MCS, “Mini Control System”. The hydraulic components from Oleotec are realiable and cost-effective and can be used at any point in the hydraulic system in many different industry sectors.

Coping well under pressure – hydraulic components for pressure monitoring
Whenever pressure needs to be monitored and measured safely and reliably in a hydraulic system, Oleotec should be your first port of call. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the requirements of our customers and know exactly how much force our products need to withstand. In our fully automated production hall, hydraulic hoses, check couplings and manometers are manufactured quickly and in high quality. We are also fast and flexible when it comes to producing custom orders. We use our passion for invention to continuously improve the product characteristics of our check couplings, ensuring that our products can meet all demands, reliably and sustainably.


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